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Relationship Experts

Relationships. Your relationship to yourself.

Love and Acceptance



Pentad commentary in a relationship article for VIVA, a popular women's magazine in Dubai. The contents are an important reminder for women all over the world.

"How to hold on to you, when 'I' becomes 'we'"





VIVA -  "Is His Ex a Threat?







VIVA - "Healthy Friendships"




Absolute Bliss, A Woman's Guide to Relationship Happiness

Happiness, integrity, boundaries, personal growth, adult love, intimacy, and more. A very real process and the usual pitfalls that you won't find described like this anywhere else. Pentad articulates the process of changing your life and love relation. It shares the secrets of the bumpy patches where most people feel they fail while working on their relationship. It prepares couples for their future no matter how long they've been together.

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